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Prepare for PSD2 with Prolifics & IBM

The revised Payment Services Directive became law in January 2018, its effects are to:

  • Promote innovation and competition by requiring banks to open up their systems to third parties
  • Increase security around data and payments
  • Prohibit card surcharges
  • Give the consumer better access to alternative products
Prepare for PSD2 with Prolifics & IBM

Accelerate your compliance journey with our fully-managed PSD2 sandbox solution

PSD2 introduces new players into the payments market:

  • Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSP’s)
  • Third-party providers (TPP's)
    • Account Information Service Providers (AISP's)
    • Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISP’s)
  • Payment Service Users (PSU’s)
  • National Competent Authorities (NCA’s)
PSD2 IT Systems

While PSD2 is "technology neutral", compliance is largely achieved by choosing the right technology partner. Prolifics believes the best solution to PSD2 is through securely exposing a set of open API's through an industrial-strength API management platform.

The Prolifics solution is based on the industry-leading IBM API Connect platform - already live in a number of the largest UK banks securely delivering their Open Banking requirements.

Key timelines

There are two key PSD2 milestones for which technology solutions are required:

1. March 2019
- A testing facility, or sandbox is required for TPP's to test your API's

2. September 2019
- Go-live for the PSD2 RTS

To help you meet these dates, Prolifics provides a fully-managed sandbox service to let you concentrate on preparing your organisation for full PSD2 compliance.

At the same time we will help you develop and implement your full PSD2 solution, including the critical integration with your core, backend systems.

PSD2 compliance timeline and key milestones

The Prolifics Managed Sandbox Solution

The Prolifics Managed Sandbox Solution

The managed sandbox solution takes the pain away and delivers the March, 2019 requirements:

  • Third-party onboarding
  • API's aligned with UK Open Banking
  • API's aligned with the Berlin Group framework or STET (on request)
  • Compliance with the Open Banking OIDC Conformance Test Suite
  • API documentation
  • Integration with the UK Open Banking Directory
  • Validation of third-party certificates
  • API analytics
  • Customised developer portal
  • Simulated SCA and consent management
  • Customisable set of test data
  • Fully-managed service, including updates to API specifications

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Delivering your end-to-end PSD2 solution

We will use your sandbox API's as a basis for delivering the full, end-to-end integration required for September 2019 PSD2 compliance.

From sandbox to production and business-as-usual support, Prolifics will help you with your entire journey to PSD2 compliance and innovation.

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